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    The software ModeRTL (modeling of an irradiation processing with scanned electron beams on industrial radiation facility) was designed specially for simulation and optimization of industrial radiation processes, calculation of the absorbed dose, temperature and charge distribution within products irradiated with scanned electron beams (EB) on industrial radiation-technological lines (RTL) that is based on the pulsed or continuous type of electron accelerators in the electron energy range from 0.1 to 25 MeV. The software ModeRTL provides data sets in the graphic and tabular form for a dose distribution value, a charge and temperature depositions within the objects irradiated by a scanned electron beam with energy from 0.1 up to 25 MeV.

    Differential and integrated characteristics of an irradiation process are calculated with use of two independent methods - semi-empirical algorithm and modeling of processes of electron interaction with matter by a Monte Carlo method. The ModeRTL contains a set of tool means for the comparative analysis of the obtained data for absorbed dose of electron beams as various calculation methods, and as the experimental results obtained with the use a film dosimetry. Service blocks of the program, in reporting forms, give the user the necessary and sufficient information for decision-making at:

    • choice of optimum conditions, parameters and operating modes of the radiation facility;
    • configuration of the irradiated objects with taking into consideration of features irradiated materials;
    • organizations of a dosimetric control during materials processing;
    • confirmation of a correctness (verification) of results of the carried out irradiation.

    The feature of the software ModeRTL is unique high running speed of calculation schemes. It is reached due to use of specially developed algorithm on the basis of a method of translation of an electron trajectory and an optimum choice of free parameters of modeling. Algorithms and calculation schemes are based on results of scientific researches of authors in the field of development the non-traditional methods of Monte Carlo and semi-empirical model for simulation processes of transport of electron and photon radiation through spatial, nonuniform objects and heterogeneous systems.

    The software ModeRTL works on platform Windows98/Me/NT/XP/2000. The software has intuitively clear interface of the end-users. Language of the interface - English. The software ModeRTL takes into account the features of two modifications of geometrical model for system of EB scanning with vertical ModeRTL-v and horizontal ModeRTL-h locations.

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