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    Education and training program for students, post-graduate students, specialists and technical staff of radiation facility in Computational Dosimetry for Quality Control of Industrial Radiation Processing

    The training course time duration: from 1 week up to 6 months

    More about project of the training program look here -> Project of the training program

    Short description of the training course «Information System and Software for Quality Control of Radiation Processing»


    At present, electron beam (EB), X-ray and gamma-ray processing are widely used in different industrial radiation technologies, such as sterilization of medical devices, mail sterilization, foodstuff irradiation, advanced composites modification, crosslinking of cables, bulk polymer modification, polymerization of monomers and grafting of monomers onto polymers, tire and rubber precure treatment, decontamination of clinical waste, purification of water and gas wastes and others. Above all, radiation technologies solve different industrial tasks in various domains of our society, but all of them contain as the functional element the irradiation processes, which are based on the effects of transport and interaction of radiation with matter.

    Today radiation technologies represent systems with a very high scientific and technical standard and for each irradiation process it is necessary to develop safe operating modes and reliable quality control methods of the process. The use of radiation technologies generates a number of the complex scientific and technical problems which depend on the type of the radiation process and irradiated objects. Solving these tasks by experimental methods, demands a huge material, temporary and labour expenditures and cannot, even today, guarantee to provide an effective utilization of existing radiation facilities.

    In the frame of the regional International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) projects «IAEA Quality Control Methods and Procedures for Radiation Technology (RER/8/010 and (RER/8/017))» it was repeatedly noted during coordination meetings that further development and success of radiation technologies substantially depends on the development of software capable of simulating an irradiation processes effectively.

    Computational modeling in radiation processing is the main tool for scheduling of irradiation process, prediction and calculation of the 3-dimensional (3D) distributions of the absorbed dose in heterogeneous targets irradiated on the radiation facility, searching of optimum and safety operating modes, development of new methods irradiation for radiation processing and interpretation of experimental dosimetry results

    The course «Information System and Software for Quality Control of Radiation Processing» is dedicated to users for formation of knowledge and skills at solution of significant practical tasks in various radiation technologies and in computational dosimetry with usage the up-to-date specialized software «RT-Office» and application suite of programs.

    Purpose and tasks of the training course

    Purpose of the training course : formation of knowledge and skills at solution of significant practical tasks in various radiation technologies with usage of specialized software «RT-Office» and application suite of programs. The training course will give to end users of knowledge about effective utilization of computational methods in planning systems, monitoring and control, as well as about computational dosimetry and mathematical processing of experimental results.

    To reach the above purposes, the end users should study the following tasks:

    • sources of ionizing radiation, types of radiation facility, methods irradiation which are used into industrial radiation technologies;
    • physical nature of interaction of ionizing radiation with matter and with biological objects;
    • state of up-to-date radiation technologies;
    • methods simulation of processes irradiation in radiation technologies;
    • geometrical models of radiation facility and irradiated products;
    • physical basis and mathematical aspects of an absorbed dose mapping into irradiated products;
    • methods decision of practical tasks in area of simulation the radiation processing, based on EB, X-ray and gamma ray irradiators, with the package of specialized programs of RT-Office.

    As a result of the training course, the end users will be obtain and master:

    Skills in the solution of actual practical problems in an area of radiation technologies on the base of EB, X-ray and gamma ray irradiators and in an area of computational dosimetry with usage of the Radiation-Technological Office (RT-Office) and package with specialized software for EB, X-ray and gamma ray processing.

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