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    mode picture

    ModeRTL. Input and output data

    The processing rate and EB absorbed dose distribution within of the irradiated materials depend on a lot of parameters for the radiation facility of RTL and characteristics of target material.

    Input data for the program ModeRTL are the following:

    Parameters of electron beam: average beam current, or pulse duration and repetition frequency in pulsed accelerators, electron energy spectrum, beam diameter and spatial distribution of the beam intensity.

    Parameters of scanned system: modes of operation - the triangular or non-diverging irradiation treatment field in target material; height of scan horn and width of scanning; distance scan - conveyer; form of current in magnet of scanned system; repetition frequency of scanning.

    Parameters of conveyer line: speed and geometrical characteristics.

    Parameters of irradiated product: geometrical characteristics of the irradiated product; elemental composition of the target; material and size of the covering for irradiated product.

    Regimes of target irradiation: one- and two-sided irradiation on moving conveyer by electron beam.

    Output data.The programs ModeRTL calculates and represent via "Module for cognitive visualization" the following parameters:

    • in convenient for comparative analysis a graphic and tabular forms, the spatial distributions of an absorbed dose, charge and temperature in an irradiated targets;
    • an absorbed dose distribution in dosimetric film;
    • maximum, minimum and average values of an absorbed dose;
    • total energy transmitted to the irradiated targets;
    • factor of utilization of beams power;
    • electron ranges;
    • relative deviations of maximum and minimum values from the average value for dose profiles at center and boundary of the irradiated target,
    • other important characteristics of electron interaction with product for economic evaluation of EB processing.

    The simulation results give end-user a necessary and sufficient information for acceptance of the solutions at:

    • a choice of optimum conditions, parameters and operation regimes for radiation facility;
    • an instrument choice for dosimetric control during an radiation treatment of product;
    • verification of irradiation results.

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