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    RT-Office is the common program shell, which provides flexible and intellectual interaction between specialized modules and databases for optimum planning of process of an irradiation and control of its realization..

    Abstracts of journals

    Abstract. Authors  have integrated the software ModeRTL (Modeling of Radiation-Technological Line) into the control system of  the RTL incorporating an industrial linear electron accelerator with a scanner of electron beam and  a conveyor. An operation of  the control system is based on monitoring  of  electron beam  and radiation facilities parameters, calculations of the absorbed dose distribution  in an irradiated materials,  and elaboration of  control signals on value of deviation between calculated and  calibration data for  the specific radiation–technological process. The control system uses  the  thermoacoustic emission, generated by  the pulsed electron beam in thin rods and plates, as a source of primary information about the  current status of characteristics of each electron pulse of scanning electron beam.

    Abstracts of conference's papers

    Abstract. Electron beam (EB) and X-ray (bremsstrahlung) processing based on electron accelerators are widely used in different industrial radiation technologies. The critical elements for all radiation-technological processes are the following: the mapping of an absorbed dose distribution, a dose uniformity ratio of electron and X-ray beams within the irradiated product; a choice of optimum layout of the radiation equipment for irradiator; an optimization of radiation treatment parameters for products in view of radiation processing features and dose limits. The use of mathematical modeling and simulation methods for optimization of industrial EB and X-ray processing will be discussed in the paper.

    Abstracts of books

    Book. «Information System and Software for Quality Control of Radiation Processing»
    V.T. Lazurik, V.M. Lazurik, G.F. Popov, Yu. Rogov, Z. Zimek. IAEA: Collaborating Center for Radiation Processing and Industrial Dosimetry. - 2011. - Warsaw, Poland. - 232 p.

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