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    Date: 2013-05-25 Subject: New page "Training courses"

    Education and training program for students, post-graduate students, specialists and technical staff of radiation facility in Computational Dosimetry for Quality Control of Industrial Radiation Processing

    Training courses

    Date: 2012-05-09 Subject: We created a new page for students

    Here you can find the discription of the manual, which contains basic information for education program of modeling industrial radiation processing and computational dosimetry during student courses in Kharkov University. This information was made up on basis of the monography, which were organized and held under IAEA support: Lazurik V.T., Lazurik V.M., Popov G., Rogov Yu., Z.Zimek. Book. «Information System and Software for Quality Control of Radiation Processing». IAEA: Collaborating Center for Radiation Processing and Industrial Dosimetry, Warsaw, Poland. P.232. 2011.


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