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    Information System for modeling of industrial radiation processing was developed for establishment of standard procedures as well as harmonization in process validation and in process control for the radiation technologies.Pwoned1



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    The RT-Office software is intended for realization of computer technologies at all basic stages of radiation processing. It is beginning from the computer expertise of the original characteristics of irradiated product and radiation facility; a choice of optimum parameters of irradiation regimes and permissible values of a level deviations for automatic control system; a control and execution of irradiation process.

    The RT-Office software comprise:

      • application program package with specialized codes for EB, X-ray and g-ray processing;


    • databases with information related to radiation facilities and features of different radiation technologies;

    Application program package with specialized codes for simulation EB, X-ray, and g-ray processing was developed on the basis of simulation and calculation modules of the RT-Office. The codes were designed specially for simulation and optimization of industrial radiation processes, calculation of the absorbed dose, sterility assurance level, temperature and charge distribution within irradiated products, solution of practical tasks in the EB, X-ray and g-ray processing.

    The processing technologies database stores all characteristics of typical irradiators of electron and X-Ray beams and g-ray source, geometrical and operational characteristics radiation facility, detailed description and characteristics of radiation processing, the calibration data for monitoring equipment, the parameters of irradiated materials, the material and size of the package for irradiated products, and others.

    Trainer courses were developed for simulation of EB, X-ray and g-ray processing. They are intended for training and education of practical skills, accelerated accumulation of professional experience in the fields of basic knowledge of industrial radiation processing, practical and computational dosimetry, methods of experimental validation of simulation predictions, the use of simulation methods for quality control of radiation processing.

    The trainer courses include the following training aids:

      • the interactive tutorials with basic terminology and knowledge in the field of transport ionizing radiation through matter, radiation technology realization, practical and computational dosimetry for control of radiation processing, optimization methods;


      • the specialized codes for simulation of EB, X-ray and γ-ray processing;


      • the user guides containing the detailed description of the code architecture, which allows end-users successfully to work with all modulus for each codes;


      • handbook -"How to get results", which comprise the rules and instruction for end-users to calculation of different characteristics for radiation processing;


      • examples and the book of simulation problems to control of theoretical knowledge and modeling methods;


    • the methods of solution of practical tasks in radiation processing.


    RT-Office was developed especially for the accomplishment of significant practical tasks in various radiation processes based on electron beam (EB), X-ray and γ-ray irradiators in the energy range from 0.1 to 50 MeV. RT-Office provides computer support at all basic stages of work in industrial radiation processing.

    Comparison between simulation results of the developed software and dosimetry were carried out in the well qualified EB and X-ray radiation facility and certified dosimetric system of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, INCT, Warsaw, Poland. A comparison of theoretical predictions for absorbed dose distributions in a product irradiated by gamma with dosimetry results was carried out in the radiation facility BULGAMMA based on the JS-850 Co60 type gamma irradiator of Sopharma PLC, Bulgaria.

    RT-Office is the common program shell, which provides a flexible and smart interaction between specialized modules and databases for optimal planning and validation of an irradiation process. Simulation and calculation modules of RT-Office are the basis for the design of the specialized software for the simulation of EB, X-ray and gamma processing. All major classes of problem tasks in radiation processing can be handled with RT-Office modules. All modules of RT-Office are based on unified mathematical, physical and geometrical models, unified approaches and algorithms, unified architecture and databases and on unified presentation of simulation results.

    The main tasks of RT-Office are:

    Computational dosimetry tasks.

    • Prediction and calculation of the 3-dimensional (3D) distributions of the absorbed dose in heterogeneous targets irradiated on the radiation facility:
        • for various types of irradiation: electron beams (EB), bremsstrahlung radiation (X-ray) and gamma rays from radionuclide sources;

        • for product irradiated in the stationary regime or on the moving conveyer at one-, two-, four-sided irradiation, or rotation product in front of the irradiator;

        • for product irradiated by EB, X-ray or gamma ray with various methods, such as one pass, multipass, multilevel, multisided and others.
    • Dose mapping studies to identify the zones with maximum and minimum doses in an irradiated product.

    Optimization tasks of irradiation process.

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    • Selection of optimal parameters for process of product irradiation which provides for various types irradiation (EB, X-ray and γ-ray) and methods irradiation the following basic principals for specific radiation processing: radiation facility and radiation processing should provide the maximum of the radiation energy utilization, acceptable level for dose uniformity in an irradiated product and maximum throughput of irradiated product.

    Calculation and analysis of characteristics of various radiation-induced effects in the irradiation process.

    On the base of obtained profile of the absorbed dose distribution into irradiated product the characteristics of the following effects can be calculated and analyzed:

      • spatial distribution of radiation-induced heating of an irradiated product and estimation of the integral characteristics of the heat transmission for cooling process of an irradiated product into thermostable environment, calorimetry of absorbed dose.


      • radiation-induced charge depositions in an irradiated product,


    • sterility assurance level (SAL) and sterilized dose for process of radiation sterilization.

    Representation, analysis and interpretation of the simulation results, comparison results of computational and practical dosimetry.
    Optimization tasks at the design and commissioning of new EB, X-ray and γ-ray radiation facility and new radiation processing, radiation facility qualification, process validation and routine process control.



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